Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Dare to Dream

Eek funerals piling up again one today two tomorrow one on Friday. Services on Sunday with one being a special community event for the jubilee celebrations, phew then am off on Monday with the youngest child for mum daughter bonding break for a couple of days I plan to do absolutely NOTHING. I was thinking about last Sunday's. Sermon and prompted by today's reading. I realised I'd said it's better to attempt something great. And fail than do nothing and succeed! ( someone also probably said it before me) and when you think about it if we don't chase our dreams, and goals they'll never happen, we've got to take a risk and go for it then at least we can say we've tried. Who knows what will follow, just look at how successful the disciples were when they took a risk the Early church took off in spectacular fashion. I'm glad that prompted by God I followed my dream instead of being too frightened, scary though it was. Off to the crematorium now.

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