Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sacramental theology

Just finished first tutorial. Whew! And was shattered half way through and now I can't keep, brain all over place. Lots to take in but lecturer was really listenable. But just about fell off the bed when he asked me a question. Fortunately knew the answer! So prepared for that next time. Spoke to another candidate who also had very negative experience at mid term review so wasn't just me!  Difficult funeral tomorrow. . But I really believe God place psalm 139, because God made her and loved her and He knows why she was a tortured soul. Then I've a weekend of he partying.  O dear me. I've warned the girl No Face Book photos!  never been on hen night gonna embrace it ( within reason) it's been a long hard winter! :))

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mid term Review

Well Mrs G. My mid term review was possibly one of the most discouraging interviews I've ever had.  I came away wondering why I was offering  myself  for service I got the impression that there's not a great deal of enthusiasm for OLMs and in fact he did say they prefer OLMS. Who are working ( I'm not at the moment, but that's mainly due to coming out of long period of long term caring,   The aftermath of that, wedding preps, placement, and needing " some much needed time out" the inference was, I felt, they get in the way too much and push themselves forward. So I was extremely discouraged at that attitude coming down from central office. My supervisor agreed but he was philosophical about it telling me to hang on in there, the end is in sight. So that was my mid term review! Major challenge this week is fitting three females and luggage and everything else we need for a hen weekend at Center Parks into a Peugeot 107!!!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Busy Sunday

Busy busy weekend. Saturday youngest child, middle child ( who was chauffeuring) us and daughter in law to be all went up to the big city o get The Wedding Dress! Only five weeks to go! Since the dress needed considerable alterations in spite of being hand made the girls and I decided we should spend the time waiting in our favourite cocktail bar, since it was Los Lucy the dogs dads birthday yesterday, daughter in law to be bought him a onesie. A monkey onesie. I will Say no more on that subject. Back to the shop final try on and yes I did cry. My little girl looked truly beautiful, elegant and utterly gorgeous, I don't know how her Dad is going to remain composed when he marries her. I have found since my Oldster died that I have becme very emotional, ti is new for me and a bit of a shock at times. The journey home was rather cramped 4 adults a huge wedding dress and shopping in a Citroen C 1 but the dress is ready
 Another box ticked! I was again on racers of intercession and as usual my supervisor and I had this tussle over whether I strayed into supplication, I would have said he strayed into intercession in the prayer of approach! The trip to Debrecen ( where I'm now billed as a key speaker!) is well on way to ing finalised. Question can I manage fr a whole week with only hand luggage? Definitely not! Spent day reading Sacramental Theology books in reparation for first tutorial this Wednesday. Then Hen weekend on Friday till Monday! I feel like I'm on a roller coaster at the minute nd everything is spinning just slightly too fast. ( and the cocktails have long since worn off) I need a Be still moment.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Interim review

I can't believe I'm almost half way through my six month placement and I'm having my interim review tomorrow. Checking over the learning and serving covenant last week with my supervisor, so far we seem to be ticking all the boxes. Not sure what to expect of tomorrow though. Had interesting feedback meeting last night. As my remit for Sunday was prayers of intercession. Supervisor suggested I go with theme of marriage following gospel lectionary I did!  I must admit I hesitantly included couples entering into civil partnerships and also touched on  the government trying to legalise gay marriage, that the church might approach this in a way that wouldn't cause offence but at the same time remain true to the teaching of the Bible ( did try and upload a copy for comment but beyond my capabilities) must admit I didn't hold back. My supervisor I think was slightly stunned but also commended me for tackling the issues we so often shy away from and he definitely couldn't say I didn't follow his instruction to the letter. So, here we go into tomorrow. Night all.

Monday, 14 January 2013


So part of my input to yestdays service was prayers of intercession! Now in the past WHENEVER I've done this it's always included thanksgiving and intercession, so as usual I drew from the lectionary readings and framed the prayers around those. O dear on hearing my supervisors prayer of appproach. It was obvious that he'd done exactly the same thing, though I don't know how he'd structured his because there a bit of everything in there! Anyway I'm just the student. He's the. Supervisor so I was wrong as he pointed out ( not at all hurt fully but humorously ) he only wanted intercessions, so next week Just Intercessions, so  unlearn the practice of past, but I did feel a bit gutted. The form of the first prayer is adoration confession and supplication? A s far as I've always gone along and throughout my training the second prayer was thanksgiving and intercessions. So am I wrong or is it just another way of doing it! Worrying as I have my interim review next week!  So only intercessions which I always think is a bit like gimme gimme gimme, anyhow I'm just grumbling now. For the childrens talk I took my passport but had to take the one I had done in 1995 because I look more like I did then ( haircolour glasses) etc than I do in the one I had three years ago. So that can't be too bad though it does pose a question do I now need a new passport photo?

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Interim review

Still struggling with interim review  report but think I'm almost there. family dynamics have changed this week. My babas left home yesterday to take up residence in  her new house prior to the wedding in Seven weeks time eek. It's. funny how you bring your children up to be independent, encourage them to stand on their own two feet, then when they do it you feel bereft. As mums and daughters go we. Are extremely close and I'm very lucky that we get on so well.
As I reflected   for my review and looked back on my journal from the time when my Old Man was dying, I realise just how Close God was to me in that. It was. A. Very special time and its only with the wisdom of hind sight that I can appreciate how present He was with me and what a privilege and honour it was to have that time with  my. Dearest Friend strengthened and sustained by a strength way beyond anything I have on my own. On my own personal journey since then  I've been encouraged and affirmed and further sustained by God. Even tonight as I looked over Isaiah chapter 43 I KNOW that those words are true because God has been faithful.
Now I'm kind of worried because I've just eaten two puppy treats instead of crisps and I've just read the label!! Goodnight, grrr

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Catch up

Had a good feed back meeting with supervisor last night, my interim review is due on 24 th so had a look at requirements for that! Whew why do the powers that be make everything sooo complicated spent the day working on that. Also o met up with another lady also in training for OLM  was interesting
To compare experiences, we also wondered f we could do the sacramental theology module together on the phone link. Does anyone know if that's doable.  As I worked on review it meant reflecting on start of my placement just two weeks after my old man died. I realise now I was very much in the handof a god and knew strength beyond myself which sustained and supported through days of deep sadness. In hindsight I realise a god was with me every step of the way for that I m truly thankful.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Preaching Assesment

So yesterday was my first full service with my supervisor assessing., though I have preached before and he was totally positive. Yesterday, I felt, went well, there were one or two issues with the hymn choices in that the first congregation is very small and has a limited repertoire, still my supervisor knows supervisor explained why after conducting so many services I was now being observed and critiqued and I was off! All in all I was really pleased with both services, sometimes the congregation at the first service can be a bit unresponsive but yesterday, they were on a roll. Feedback was really good and I was more than happy with how things went, at the next service my only disappointment was my hymn choice. I finished with longing for light and it dragged! Not a good finishing hymn at that particular church but people commented how much they liked that particular hymn. Sometimes you feel the Spirit come over you and that was how I did feel when I was preaching. I came away , feeling affirmed in my call, so I have my feedback meeting tomorrow night and we'll see what my supervisor says. Excited now to be in 2013 so much is happening.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The big Year!

This is the big year in our house. Youngest child gets married 8th March eek! I finish my module in March, my placement and final essay at the end of April. I'm off to Hungary for a week in May and the middle child gets married in June, then hopefully Ill be ordained as an OLM. This is a journey that's taken thirtyish years to travel and looking back, even just to this time last year when I was in a really low place, I can see Gods hand constantly on my life. Holding me when I've stumbled supporting me when I've been weak, guiding me and encouraging me every step of the way.  I feel so certain of Gods call, so sure and at peace that I'm right where He wants me to be. 2012 saw some of the pinnacles of joy in my walk with God but also some of the darkest deepest sadness. But He brought me through and every event has changed me in some subtle or perhaps not so subtle way.  So I'm excited by the challenges ahead, ( not least getting the wedding invites out on time!)
This year I really need to manage my time more effectively and I'm very aware of that. I've also got my interim review later this month, to look at how my placement is going. I actually can't believe how quickly that's passing and ill be sorry when it finishes ( make the most of it!) and once again I'm struck by how time flies!