Friday, 22 June 2012


At the conference we were asked how we'd deal with conflict situations or if we'd been in any and how we'd dealt with any we'd been in. My thoughts were on someone I've come close to conflict with before. And last night she let me have it with both barrels. I organise our holiday club each year. It runs for a week in the summer we have games etc and use SU material. This particular person organises games. She's good at it the kids listen to her, she complained last year shed been doing too much so this year I thought I'd free her up to do JUST the games, she erupted, she CAN'T do the games what it really boils down to is she doesn't want to the irony is this years theme is how we are all in Gods team and can work together in a team! I was totally taken by surprise at the aggression in her and the fact it was aimed at me. So I clarified the situation ie ( she doesn't WANT to do the games) which leaves us with a problem. So do I now let her do what she WANTS to do or do I suggest she takes a year off ( she's citing her health as the reason) I want to be gracious but I don't want to be a door mat.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Flood

After the rain last weekend, the youngest child and I went for one of our power walks round one of our usual routes, the sun was shining it was a lovely summer evening and we were having a lovely walk, till we came to " the flood" right across the road. We had two options, turn back and walk the five miles we'd already come or go through it, I was wearing my new Converse Hightops there was no way I was wading with those on and the idea of turning back wasn't appealing to to the child so we negotiated and she gave me a piggyback! The irony wasn't lost on me it was a case of role reversal I used to do that with her! The situation wasn't without a laugh? My first attempt to getonher back brought her down bum first into the water fortunately I was too busy laughing to get the moment on film:( But life is like that isn't it. Sometimes we are there to carry others ut sometimes we need to admit we need a hand. God didn't intend us to live in isolation He meant us to be there for one another. And it's gt to work both ways. it takes a strong man/ woman to accept a helping hand sometime.

Saturday, 16 June 2012


Getting ready to conduct my first Final Preaching Assessment tomorrow, feel the weight of responsibility that everything is done according to Gods will. I feel for the reader just now who's perhaps nervous ( join the club!) so I'm praying I'll conduct this in a competent manner aware that in our weakness God is strong!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Looking back

Ive begun a journal to pass to my daughter when she gets married, just with a lot of random thoughts and stories that often get lost with the passage of time and revisiting those memories has brought home to me how the important things in our lives aren't the acquisitions and " things" we've gathered over the years but they're the people and happy memories of times shared together that are special. We place so much importance on succeeding we sometimes lose sight of the things hat really matter. Looking back I wish I'd spent some of my time more wisely but with Gods grace I'll try to prioritise things better. Make the most of every day:))

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Feel I'm in a funny hiatus at the minute between having been accepted to transfer to oLM and starting the further training. Have investigated Aberdeen and Glasgow for Sacramental Theology course.
Aberdeen is distance learning and video conferencing. Glasgow you have to be there on a Tuesday night. I'm a hundred miles from Glasgow but thinking I'd rather go there and have a real live lecturers and real live students to interact with, only problem is travelling through the winter months. Busy couple of months on the horizon before this kicks off. My attachment minister is going away for three weeks, he'll come back then Lucy the dogs dad goes away for three weeks, he comes back and neighbouring minister goes away for two weeks i do the cover for all of them. whew! Having said that attached minister NEVER takes his full time off so deserves a good long break. In the middle of this I've got children's summer mission for a week and my interview with Ministries council in July and next week my first assessment as Final Preaching Assessor. Help! O well as Douglas says. He doesn't call the equipped He equips the called.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I was taken back in time tonight, about thirty odd years when an elderly couple were leaving the restaurant i realised they were my minister and his wife who were instrumental in leading me to the Lord aged only 14, a couple who truly lived out their faith in a difficult ans deprived parish, a couple to whom I owe a great debt for their nurture of me as a young Christian, in spite of their own difficulties and a couple who still exhibit the love and grace off Christ. Tempis Fugit indeed! How lovely to meet a couple who were so influential in my formative years and who have in spite of the fact their youngest son died four years ago aged thirty six remained grounded in their faith. I was really humbled to meet them again and reminded of how supportive they were of me through my teenage years. So Dennis & Norma thank you.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Chill axing

Having had the run up to assessment then four funerals in a week the youngest child and I have come away for a few days to relax. Funny day yesterday with three services, the usual two in the morning which went okay then the big jubilee service for the area in the afternoon. The church was packed it was an all age ecumenical service with EVERYTHING scripted. Did it hit the spot? Well as a celebration of the queens jubilee I suppose it did. As a Christian worship service it was sadly lacking. Am I being too critical? Maybe so perhaps let's just say it brought the whole community ( and more) together and the choir was great singing Rutters arrangement of For the Beauty of the Earth. We certainly know in our wee town how to put on a celebration! So now for a few days relaxation and reflection then home to prepare for my first outing as a Final Preaching Assessor I need to look as if I've done this loads of times am feeling huge weight of responsibility eek!