Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Passing the time

Its a long week I'm trying to stay calm and focussed but of course everything is geared towards THE LETTER. In the midst of this life goes on I've a service to prepare for Sunday and just realised this morning the deadline for our monthly magazine is THIS Sunday. I have to come up with the usual witty thought provoking BIT that goes on the back page and causes great interest in the community and embarrassment in the family ( taken in great sporting fashion). It's at time like this that I remember that it's when we have nothing of ourselves to give that we're of greatest use to God, so even though my own life is in a whirl at the minute I have to keep looking at God who empowers and strengthens me. Sad this morning cos the Octogenarian wants to talk about his funeral, tribute etc. that's all so easy to do when you don't know the person that well but this is too close:( he's already said he wants Lucy the dogs dad to officiate.

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