Monday, 29 April 2013

Final Appraisal

I passed! Am so delighted and thrilled, placement completed yesterday. Got a lovely farewell (albeit temporary as I'm back in three weeks doing supply and cover) really nice gift lots of nice encouraging comments. I really thought I wouldn't sleep last night but I read over my learning
Serving convenant, my interim reports and what we'd just sent for final review. The morning didn't start well, I stopped to buy milk on way to the meeting to make tea and coffee and noticed I'd a flat tyre! Of all the days. Rushed into a garage I've never been to before and asked the very young man if he could put some air in the tyre as I'd an interview in half an hour. I drove (fast cos you think if you drie faster you'll get there quicker so lose less air) anyway I did get there and the interview went really well  I reflected on what I'd learned at the placement and also how quickly it had gone, and i passed and proceed to ordination pending result of final essay! I am so chuffed! Tyre repaired ( great big nail) so up and running again. In spite of flat tyre etc. I did feel quite calm so thanks to everyone who prayed for me. To be affirmed and sure you are in Gods will brings peace though must admit, it was a long day yesterday:)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Final sunday

Well tomorrow should be my final Sunday at my placement providing all goes well with my final appraisal on Monday! Having said that I then have multiple identity problems. I reappear at the same churches in two weeks time doing pulpit supply for three weeks, the if all goes according to plan I'm reinvented later in the year as locum when my supervisor retires! As he put it a couple of weeks ago in the past when students have left they've got rid of them then he mentioned something about a bad penny! I have enjoyed my placement so much in spite of being apprehensive  about leaving my attachment. I've learned a huge amount over the last six months and I can truly see the hand of God  in all that happened. To feel truly supported  and affirmed has been a tremendous blessing to me and the time has flown.  On another subject I was at the funeral of an old friend and contemporary of my old man yesterday. It was a Roman Catholic funeral, the first I'd been to, it was a brilliant service, not only did the priest preach the gospel but he paid fitting and personal tribute to a man who had a deep faith. In many ways it was significantly more meaningful than many funerals I've been at. The liturgy and tradition was very comforting, relevant and honest. I left feeling that not only had I said farewell to a friend but that I'd truly worshipped God too. Of course there was the question of communion at the end  which was sad given that the congregation was about 50/50 but no compromise there but all in all I have to say I enjoyed it.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Left home at 4 pm yesterday to do a pastoral visit before presbytery, eventually got home feel ing discouraged tired and hungry at 10.20pm! Discouraged because it seems to be half the churches in our presbytery are vacant and the conferencing session threw up that the way forward for the church was OLMs. Supporting full time ministers. A the moment there are two in training given the geographical range of our presbytery we're going to be run ragged! Then Church of Scotland is in crisis because there are few candidates coming out ( only 7 I think for full time ministry this year) churches don't seem willing to close buildings and unite with other congregations to facilitate an ongoing ministry and it all looks rather bleak:( I'm just having a whinge cos its raining and I didn't get out for a run this morning. And I hate late nights. )   As well as that I'm a bit stressed out by the thought of final review on Monday, its been a long week!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Penultimate Sunday

Yesterday was my second last Sunday at my placement. And a week today I have my final appraisal. I still can't get round in my head how quickly this last 6 months have passed and how much I've grown in my faith and also according to my supervisor in confidence and stature. I've been both challenged and inspired and now I'm now I'm beyond excited, hoping that all goes well with final appraisal etc. Leaving my placement is just temporary as I reappear two weeks later doing pulpit supply and pastoral cover and if everything goes according to plan I re emerge as their locum in September. Someone said yesterday something about a bad penny!

Monday, 15 April 2013


Having a time of  reflection recently. Coming to the end of my probationary placement at which I've learned so much and enjoyed more than I ever imagined. The church has asked that when they become vacant at the ministers retrial that I'm placed there as locum!  The next thing on my agenda is. Atrip to Hungary with presbytery to give a presentation on the role of OLM! That's next month so though I HATE flying I am excited about that, then straight home to younger sons wedding! In two weeks I have my final appraisal so hopefully all will be well and I'll proceed to ordination. As I look back at the last six months I can see how I have grown in my role and been encouraged and superbly mentored.  Yes I was initially not sure about the move but yet again God knows better than us and I've been so blessed. I've also worked hard and been encouraged by the fact that I can still study, that has been a challenge but I've enjoyed it ( not sure that's the right word) so much I'm planning on doing another module in the autumn! I'm also looking forward to picking up my amateur drama again, though I went to a rehearsal of the current production last night and came away missing my Oldster so much. He was very much a lynch pin of the group.  A revelation in the grieving process is that now all the urgency of placement study wedding is past I find I'm missing him with a poignancy I hadn't expected. He's to there to see the completion of all the work and the planning miss him more than ever:(