Friday, 23 March 2012

We're all in this together

Which Jesus are you following is it,

Republican Jesus, Liberal Jesus, Anglican Jesus, Baptist Jesus, Middle Class Jesus, Working Class Jesus, Muscle Mary Jesus, Intellectual Jesus,Gay Jesus,Straight Jesus.

The bible only asks we follow one Jesus friend of Everyone so if your feeling down in the dumps today why not give him a call!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

So just off stage love am dram, we work as a team propping each other up when we stumble over words etc, great fun but also a great Biblical concept of working together for the good of all. Once on that stage you're all relying on one another for cues etc. lot of trust involved there, that's how it should be in the hutch and how it was in the New Testamebnt Church. Wish that's how it happened.

The ongoing journey

So here I am still on a journey that began some years ago, it's a journey that's taken twists and turns, stops and starts and now I'm at a junction again, I've been here before at a scary place sure that God was with me and what happened then? I hit a wall a great big wall, sure I'm bruised but not broken beaten but not defeated and now it's time to set the sat nav again and get ack on the road.