Thursday, 30 May 2013


So I'm going to say this calmly and with serenity and dignity. THE DATES BEEN SET FOR MY ORDINATION!! Did I really scream that? I am so excited. Subject to presbytery approval at the end if June my ordination will take  place on July 10th. Excited and scared and still can't believe that I'm going to be a minister of word and sacrament, how did that happen. And at the same time there's areal  sense of peace and Gods affirmation of my call and I know He who has been so faithful in bringing me this far will journey on with me. On a more practical level. I've no idea what I should wear. As a reader I've always just worn normal clothes, but a colleague has advised me to wear a clerical shirt / robes as appropriate to circumstances( definately never to the supermarket) to define my new role. Mmm still not sure and I think I'd feel a bit of a tit. I'm really short (really short) and small. anyway need to ponder that. Can this year become any more exciting 2 weddings and an ordination!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Completion certificate!

Woo hoo. Received my completion certificate today, now just waiting for presbytery to set a date fr my ordination. I am so pleased, and also really thankful to all who've journeyed with me! Just in from conducting a funeral and it had been delivered by the postman!. Note to self re funerals, wet grass and heels are not a good combination, especially when you go to walk away and your shoe remains firmly stuck! I am more conscious than ever, when conducting services of the privilege that it is to serve God and minister and feel a real sense of peace and Gods presence. So onwards to ordination ( must admit I'm pretty excited!)

Monday, 20 May 2013


Is it just me or is there something "odd" about how today's debate on homosexuality in the church and david Cameron's  timing over legalising gay marriage is on the same day. Just a thought.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Hungarian hospitality!

Just had a week in Hungary/ Budapest as part of  presbytery exchange. I had to speak about the role of OLM and the part it will play in the future of the Church of Scotland. This was a big deal for me, ( not the speaking but the travel as I hate flying, in fact Lucy the dogs dad asked my former supervisor how he'd got me to agree to go, we're drugs or alcohol involved!) maybe it was the fact he asked me two weeks into my placement and I knew he'd be writing my appraisals influenced my decision a bit! Anyway I went and had a fantastic time. When we were in Hungary we stayed with host families. My host was a Hungarian reformed pastor and his wife and daughter, only the daughter spoke English so she was our interpreter for the four days I was there . Hungarian hospitality is unbelievable they feed you at every opportunity, they go out of their way to make you comfortable and they are so genuinely caring and thoughtful it was quite moving. Their churches are thriving and the family unit is strong. They're also very proud of their heritage and traditions. I attended my hosts church on the Sunday where I shared a bit about my background via an interpreter ( the translation took twice as long as what I said! ) although extremely traditional ( and long the sermon lasted 50 minutes) there was real sense of  worship and fellowship. It was tremendously interesting to see the differences and similarities we share. I was also introduced to the legendary "palinka" a potent brew I'd heard much about which had been described to me as tasting like paint stripper ( never having sampled paint stripper I couldn't possibly comment) I was advised  to down it in one as sipping it took the lining off your throat. The disadvantage of that was, as soon as your glass was empty they refilled it! Add to that te visit they organised to a winery and its a miracle I remember any of the vist! Now I'm back at my former placement doing supply while my "former" supervisor is on study leave and I'm waiting excitedly for a date for my my ordination.  O my I am so excited :)