Sunday, 13 May 2012

We reached the summit

So yesterday the youngest child suggests we climb one of the hills in our area, now neither of us have any sense of direction, so we set off with a huge packed lunch, and drove to the car park. We have done this climb before but didn't retain any of the landmarks in our minds but undaunted we strode onwards and upwards. All went well till we stayed off a path and then onto screel and rocks that needed both hands to pull yourself up then we need up in the mother of all bogs, must admit by this time I wasn't enjoying myself. When we got to the top we realised we were still a mike or so off target and had to negotiate a buggier bog! At the top though, we could see for miles, it was indeed worth the effort as most things that we strive todo are. The descent me on my backside caused much hilarity and the adder that slithered across our path, much hysteria. Life's journey takes the same format, ups downs bogs and scares life and us would be boring if nothing ever upset our routine, that's what I'm trying to hold onto as I wait for my letter it's gonna bea long week

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