Thursday, 24 May 2012

What a week!

Our Presbytery Clerk passed away yesterday after a long and dignified battle with cancer, he dealt with his illness with courage and dignity and he continued working as long as he could even attending Heart & Soul on Sunday. He officiated at Lucy the Dogs Dads ordination and induction twenty four years ago and then at my setting apart five years ago. He was a man of true Christian faith who carried out his duties diligently and inspired confidence in you. He will be missed by so many people but most of all by his wife and two sons. Sometimes you just have to think, life is tough! I'm now in a run of funerals one today and three next week plus a service on Sunday eek where's all the time going to come from. Had a heartening ( and humorous experience) yesterday. I'd taken the Octogenarian fr coffee then stopped to take him for a walk but couldn't get the passenger door of the ancient courtesy car open, it was well and truly stuck. There was no chance of him chimmying over to the other side and climbing out. The temperature outside was 24 it was HOT. I could only think of the slogan dogs die in hot cars, when suddenly a knight in shining armour appeared and spent a good ten minutes freeing my trapped passenger, the ups and downs of life eh!

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