Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Muddled thoughts

Can you over prepare looking at all the preparations and thoughts I've gathered I'm now worried I'm in overload, I know all things work together for good and I know God has a plan for my life and He goes with me, it's just that now I'm at the timescale where next week it'll all be behind me and then the waiting will begin for the verdict I'm worrying about all the things I want to say and convey and hope I'll not succumb to nervous babbling as can be my won't! So I'm going over articulating my call ( telling my story) and sharing my journey and boy it's been a long one so the countdown is on! Was thinking about resolving conflict and remembered reading that Christians should always be gracious and courteous but firm in adhering to the principles for them which are non negotiable I was struggling to remember where I'd read it ( cos as Nicky Gumble says its good to have a friend but better to know where the friend lives) when I realised it was from the sermon I'd preached on Sunday! So now I'm quoting myself! Is that bad or good!


  1. The only advice I can give is to have read all the forms you have completed and all the reports you have been sent.

    You will probably be asked about your experience journalling. How has the use of your journal helped you reflect on your call? (Is this blog your "official" journal, or is there an offline version as well?)

    I let the panel know that my blog was online and public, although anonymised. I have never used a real name or location to describe my placement. Looking back over the year that my blog has existed, I have seen a change in myself and how I see myself being called. So how do you see change in yourself

    Be yourself. Trust God.

    You'll be fine.

    1. Hi Spot
      Thanks for that, I've been going over everything to the extent Lucy the dogs dad asked what I was doing. my reply? Trying to memorise my life story eek it's my story, I've got a regular journal too looking back over that I can see so much change and growth which reaffirms Gods call so that's encouraging. The online version has been encouraging in that it's a lonely place exploring a call and good to know there are others on the same journey wasn't sure about mentioning on line blog but I've also kept it anonymous so will mention it too
      Thanks again

  2. Having been there, done that and bought the t-shirt, so to speak, here's my advice. For the record. most is not new, as it was passed down from others.

    Relax - I know it's daunting, but most people actually land up enjoying assessment conference. I know I was told that and doubted it, but I did.

    At the end of the day, the other people being assessed and the assessors want you to do well. Everyone at my conference were really supportive of one another and I know others have said that.

    Be yourself. They aren't looking for you to be something you aren't nor are they looking for the complete article. They are looking for the key indicators you have it in you to do with wonderful thing God has called you to do. After all, he calls and enables those he calls. To get to this stage, you have already been tested and seen to have the right ingredients. So long as you remeber that and keep focued on that, you should be fine.

    And, as a friend keeps reminding me, God's got your back.

    All the best and I'll remeber you in my prayers.