Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sacramental theology

Just finished first tutorial. Whew! And was shattered half way through and now I can't keep, brain all over place. Lots to take in but lecturer was really listenable. But just about fell off the bed when he asked me a question. Fortunately knew the answer! So prepared for that next time. Spoke to another candidate who also had very negative experience at mid term review so wasn't just me!  Difficult funeral tomorrow. . But I really believe God place psalm 139, because God made her and loved her and He knows why she was a tortured soul. Then I've a weekend of he partying.  O dear me. I've warned the girl No Face Book photos!  never been on hen night gonna embrace it ( within reason) it's been a long hard winter! :))


  1. I assume you've not encountered the Aberdeen distance learning before? That's sort of how it works. The first week tends to be a bit more gentle, as there's the 20-30 minutes of admin and introductions at starts of session...

    (BTW, you never know, but you're daughter's future mother-in-law may read this...)

  2. No I haven't and I missed first 15 minutes as they didn't call me! Fortunately mother of groom hasn't got computer! And no one knows I do this! Have to make sure I keep up to date with all the reading! First essay due very soon, think I missed the bit about how to listen again though!