Thursday, 7 February 2013

Post hen weekend

Survived the weekend, it was brilliant though flumes and bony people don't work well together, my back is raw! It w a surreal experience swimming in hot water under a frosty starry sky absolutely stunning! Back to reality and my first essay eek! One down three to go. Still trying to work out what it is that Luther actually promotes! There've been some heavy reading sessions this week. Only four more weeks till the youngest child gets married so now on the final countdown. Been missing my Oldster recently, it would have been his birthday this month and he was supposed to be reading at the wedding:(   Also had a spate of funerals to contend with so its been busy. Supper on Saturday night with the Bishop elect of Hungary! Wonder how his Sacramental theology is! Got some stuff from local Priest who is just lovely but had to augh when I read one of the headings on a print out he'd given me which was entitled Protestant errors, maybe best not to incorporate that!

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