Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mid term Review

Well Mrs G. My mid term review was possibly one of the most discouraging interviews I've ever had.  I came away wondering why I was offering  myself  for service I got the impression that there's not a great deal of enthusiasm for OLMs and in fact he did say they prefer OLMS. Who are working ( I'm not at the moment, but that's mainly due to coming out of long period of long term caring,   The aftermath of that, wedding preps, placement, and needing " some much needed time out" the inference was, I felt, they get in the way too much and push themselves forward. So I was extremely discouraged at that attitude coming down from central office. My supervisor agreed but he was philosophical about it telling me to hang on in there, the end is in sight. So that was my mid term review! Major challenge this week is fitting three females and luggage and everything else we need for a hen weekend at Center Parks into a Peugeot 107!!!

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