Monday, 28 January 2013

Busy Sunday

Busy busy weekend. Saturday youngest child, middle child ( who was chauffeuring) us and daughter in law to be all went up to the big city o get The Wedding Dress! Only five weeks to go! Since the dress needed considerable alterations in spite of being hand made the girls and I decided we should spend the time waiting in our favourite cocktail bar, since it was Los Lucy the dogs dads birthday yesterday, daughter in law to be bought him a onesie. A monkey onesie. I will Say no more on that subject. Back to the shop final try on and yes I did cry. My little girl looked truly beautiful, elegant and utterly gorgeous, I don't know how her Dad is going to remain composed when he marries her. I have found since my Oldster died that I have becme very emotional, ti is new for me and a bit of a shock at times. The journey home was rather cramped 4 adults a huge wedding dress and shopping in a Citroen C 1 but the dress is ready
 Another box ticked! I was again on racers of intercession and as usual my supervisor and I had this tussle over whether I strayed into supplication, I would have said he strayed into intercession in the prayer of approach! The trip to Debrecen ( where I'm now billed as a key speaker!) is well on way to ing finalised. Question can I manage fr a whole week with only hand luggage? Definitely not! Spent day reading Sacramental Theology books in reparation for first tutorial this Wednesday. Then Hen weekend on Friday till Monday! I feel like I'm on a roller coaster at the minute nd everything is spinning just slightly too fast. ( and the cocktails have long since worn off) I need a Be still moment.

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  1. Sounds hectic and that you need a bigger car (or a train?).

    How did the interim review go? Well, I hope.