Monday, 14 January 2013


So part of my input to yestdays service was prayers of intercession! Now in the past WHENEVER I've done this it's always included thanksgiving and intercession, so as usual I drew from the lectionary readings and framed the prayers around those. O dear on hearing my supervisors prayer of appproach. It was obvious that he'd done exactly the same thing, though I don't know how he'd structured his because there a bit of everything in there! Anyway I'm just the student. He's the. Supervisor so I was wrong as he pointed out ( not at all hurt fully but humorously ) he only wanted intercessions, so next week Just Intercessions, so  unlearn the practice of past, but I did feel a bit gutted. The form of the first prayer is adoration confession and supplication? A s far as I've always gone along and throughout my training the second prayer was thanksgiving and intercessions. So am I wrong or is it just another way of doing it! Worrying as I have my interim review next week!  So only intercessions which I always think is a bit like gimme gimme gimme, anyhow I'm just grumbling now. For the childrens talk I took my passport but had to take the one I had done in 1995 because I look more like I did then ( haircolour glasses) etc than I do in the one I had three years ago. So that can't be too bad though it does pose a question do I now need a new passport photo?

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  1. It's just different ways of doing it. I have been on placements where the first prayer is of approach, confession, thanksgiving and supplication and second prayer is intersessions along. I've also been places where the opening prayer is a very quick prayer of approach and the next prayer is a 'throw everything at it' sort of thing. Though, often, I've noticed, with the less structured prayers for leading worship, confession can be forgotten about. Sounds strange, but I think there's not enough confession done in worship in many places.

    So, I think you need to be aware of exactly what you're supervisor is asking of you. This isn's a problem for me, as I tend to take things literally. At my summer placement, my supervisor asked me to do everything but the sermon for 2 of the services. What he meant by that was prayers, children's talk and linking the service together. What I did was that, plus come up with the hymns and readings. He was fine with it, but did make him realise he'd need to be very clear how he explained that to his next student!