Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Interim review

I can't believe I'm almost half way through my six month placement and I'm having my interim review tomorrow. Checking over the learning and serving covenant last week with my supervisor, so far we seem to be ticking all the boxes. Not sure what to expect of tomorrow though. Had interesting feedback meeting last night. As my remit for Sunday was prayers of intercession. Supervisor suggested I go with theme of marriage following gospel lectionary I did!  I must admit I hesitantly included couples entering into civil partnerships and also touched on  the government trying to legalise gay marriage, that the church might approach this in a way that wouldn't cause offence but at the same time remain true to the teaching of the Bible ( did try and upload a copy for comment but beyond my capabilities) must admit I didn't hold back. My supervisor I think was slightly stunned but also commended me for tackling the issues we so often shy away from and he definitely couldn't say I didn't follow his instruction to the letter. So, here we go into tomorrow. Night all.

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