Monday, 7 January 2013

Preaching Assesment

So yesterday was my first full service with my supervisor assessing., though I have preached before and he was totally positive. Yesterday, I felt, went well, there were one or two issues with the hymn choices in that the first congregation is very small and has a limited repertoire, still my supervisor knows supervisor explained why after conducting so many services I was now being observed and critiqued and I was off! All in all I was really pleased with both services, sometimes the congregation at the first service can be a bit unresponsive but yesterday, they were on a roll. Feedback was really good and I was more than happy with how things went, at the next service my only disappointment was my hymn choice. I finished with longing for light and it dragged! Not a good finishing hymn at that particular church but people commented how much they liked that particular hymn. Sometimes you feel the Spirit come over you and that was how I did feel when I was preaching. I came away , feeling affirmed in my call, so I have my feedback meeting tomorrow night and we'll see what my supervisor says. Excited now to be in 2013 so much is happening.

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