Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Catch up

Had a good feed back meeting with supervisor last night, my interim review is due on 24 th so had a look at requirements for that! Whew why do the powers that be make everything sooo complicated spent the day working on that. Also o met up with another lady also in training for OLM  was interesting
To compare experiences, we also wondered f we could do the sacramental theology module together on the phone link. Does anyone know if that's doable.  As I worked on review it meant reflecting on start of my placement just two weeks after my old man died. I realise now I was very much in the handof a god and knew strength beyond myself which sustained and supported through days of deep sadness. In hindsight I realise a god was with me every step of the way for that I m truly thankful.

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  1. The phone link groups everyone together, so the tutor will be in the class along with everyone who is physically in Aberdeen. The conference call connects everyone together who isn't in Aberdeen, so you will be doing the module with everyone in the class. Unfortunately there's no way two people could have a private chat within the format of the classroom.

    Why not try skype between the two of you either before or after class?