Monday, 3 December 2012

Back at attachment

Funny day yesterday, had really really late night  on Saturday at a ceilidh with the family, involving some ill advised alcohol consumption then it was back at my attached church to conduct  the whole 9.30 service. We were on SU material with Mary and the Magnificat. The whole service as we reflected on what she went through,  was poignant and moving. The young man who was on intercessions became quite moved during the prayers, causing me a moment of anxiety as I'd a 16 mile trip to my placement for 11am where I was taking part in the service, and its anincredibly twisty icy road but it all came together and I made it with time to spare. Our 9.30's are. Lively informal and have lots of kids, at my placement it's very traditional, not always kids there and very formal, but each in their own way worships God and celebrates the same message. Though I've preached there often, this week I'm  preaching as part of my placement with my supervisor in attendance! Nervous already! On the lectionariy so it's John the Baptist.

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