Tuesday, 11 December 2012

First assessed preaching

Well Sunday was my first time preaching at my placement with my supervisor in attendance.  Funnily enough I was very nervous all week in spite of constant reminders from the family that I've done this thousands of times. I've led time for reflection at Scottish Parliament, I was still very nervous. We  use the lectionary so it was John the Baptist, a brilliant passage. Since one of my goals on my learning and serving covenant was to try to involve the congregation in  responses etc. I led them in a short mediation visualising being baptised by John, thinking that was far enough to go! Although I was nervous, as soon as I stood up to speak I was so aware of the peace of God and of being in His will the sermon just flowed. There are two services 9.30 at the rural church and 11 at the town. Feedback at the door was really good, with people commenting on how moved they'd been. The first thing my supervisor said was " how did you feel it went' that threw me a bit, but I said I thought it went well and people were very positive at the door. Feedback session tonight with him so we'll see how that goes. On th e positive side it seems that everyone  ( including the retired lecturer can hear me fine) so that's a plus.

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