Thursday, 29 November 2012


Once again it was presbytery and once again though I've been a ministers wife for thirty years, I was shocked at the lack of grace between some of the ministers at presbytery. I'm fairly new to active presbytery and committees and so the ill will and refusal of some ministers to move with the times for the good of all has saddened me. I travelled with the presbytery elder from my previous attachment whose totally new to church court, is a retired GP and is now appalled at how the CofS conducts itself. The high point was the travel though. This guy has he most amazing vehicle. It's massive I literallyhad to climb into it. It's got heated seats ( bit disconcerting till he told me) its got surround sound, the acceleration felt like being in a plane taking off! I told they ought child he ws going mr a lift, her retort better wrap up well then in case it's the Harley! Yep he's got one of those too. How cool would that be turning up to presbytery on the back of a Harley  Davidson!!  I mentioned to the retired Doc what she'd  said and his reply. Great idea for the summer! Yay canny wait!


  1. How can you tell the church of Scotland is prebyterian? Committees!

    And there are cooler ways to turn up, such as Honda Goldwings (go on, google it). I have, as that's what sopt rides. All I can say is Hitler rides a honda (google that too!).

    1. Wow I am seroiuosly impressed. spots just attained a new level of respect! Almost felt sorry for Hitler he was truly gutted:)

    2. You wouldn't, if you'd seen that scene in its original form, from Downfall. Very good film, but not warm and fuzzy!