Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Well in the lead up to Christmas I've attended around 10 Nativity plays eight school assemblies sung countless carols and assisted at or conducted six services since Sunday morning! The one that will remain in my mind is Sunday nights Carols by Candlelight. Every one was given a candle going into church and at the beginning of the service the church was darkened elders came for ward with tapers-to the only source of light in the church, on the advent ring candles the minister lit each taper and they in turn moved to the end of each pew lighting that persons candle who then passed the light to he next person and o a great wave of light spread throughout the church as the candles were lit. It was, for me, a very special and moving symbol of the light of the world spreading through the world.  It w as very much a community and church event  in a town that doesn't have the best reputation locally but where that night, the light of God was seen and shared. Definitely a high point of Christmas for me.  From experience I've  found I can't do watch night I'm not a night person, so while I can il go to bed, but I did Lucythedogsdads service on Christmas morning, then went onto my old attachment where the minister  and I do a double act each year which is all very informal. The youngest child came with me to that one and we both raved about the revs aftershave Gucci pour Homme  remarking
 To him how " hot" he was smelling. During the first hymn he turned to me and said are you turned on! Referring of course to the radio mike, needless to say we were both useless for the rest of the hymn!, it was lovely to be back  but funnily enough I could have happily gone to my placement with no qualms. Seems that God  is preparing me for the future. In spite of missing my Oldster very very much, it was a happy day. I came home to a new addition to our family, a little brown Cocker Spaniel, organised by the youngest child and the middle child ( who really just wanted a dog again)  in fact as I write middle child a total guy is nursing her like a baby! So much underhanded ness has gone into the procurement of this pup I will never trust them again! Fortunately it was love at first sight, y own Christmas baby, called aptly Holly. All advice re training etc gratefully received. Happy Christmas and my you know peace and joy and love

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