Sunday, 16 December 2012

Busy week!

It's been a funny week  busy from start to finish. School assemblies funerals session meetings and so much travel I don't know whether I'm coming or going. But it's been a good week, it's been a week when yet again God has confirmed His calling and affirmed me in a very special way, and just when I needed it most, can't go public on that yet but hope to soon. As the weeks pass I'm becoming happier and happier at my placement and apparently they are asking for me to be their locum when my supervisor retires! Lovely compliment.  As our first Christmas with my Old Man approaches I sometimes find I'm overwhelmed by sadness  and there's so much I miss sharing with him, just today I put on my Christmas present from last year from him a lovely advent purple coat and noticed two round white stains just at the chest. I'd only worn it twice and couldn't think what the marks were, then I realised the last time I'd worn it was to his funeral and the marks were salt stains left from the tears I shed. Not the best start to the day! Worship at both churches was choir led with carols interspersed with readings by my supervisor and I he'd warned me these could be dull services and the readings were all from fifth century writers so I tried to embrace the feel of the service and the readings and it worked after all Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever, and the Truth holds fast today. I rounded the day off back " home" at my attachment at the nine lessons and carol service  where I  thoroughly enjoyed being in the congregation singing some good old carols and a catch up with friends afterwards,  one of whom mentioned she'd had a card from soneone at  my placement who said the congregations had taken me to their hearts, which is exactly how i feel, and so on into a last week of busyness and new opportunities hopefully I'll embrace every new opportunity that God brings my way!

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