Thursday, 2 August 2012


Feeling better about the Old Man, and amazing thing happened, on the way back to take over
Looking after him again, I saw a man walking along the road, nothing unusual there but last time I'd seen him had been in hospital, unable to walk to the door of the ward after a heart attack. Previous surgery had made further surgery imposssible and he said his only hope was a transplant and he was too old. Before I left I said a short prayer with him here he was now out and about. When I saw the old man I was shocked, he was so I'll. He was in pain and dehydrated hadn't eaten the whole time I'd been away, he was pretty sick. Later I remembered my journey in, almost as if God nudged me, so while he was sleeping I prayed for peace and freedom from pain. He slept all that night and by the time the Doctor came in he decided he wasn't admitting him to hospital. Not only that but as I prayed I'd a tremendous sense of Gods presence and peace in the room. Sometime I forget just how much power we have when we trust God.

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