Monday, 13 August 2012


Major dilemma every year for past nine or so years we've run a very successful holiday club in local primary always at this time.  At start Of summer I asked guy who does our circuit class and come to church I'f he'd help this year. He said he couldn't as he was running a festival of sport 2 weeks our town two weeks another town and final two weeks one where else not to worry tho he wouldn't be clashing with us the upshot is it didn't take off anywhere else so he's doing this week in our town in THE SAME location and only let me knowon Sunday night and of course all the kids who'd normally come to holiday club are at the sports. We had two kids yesterday as opposed to  usual 35 I've got ten helpers we've bought all the SU material on your marks we've had planing meetings etc. dilemma do I cancel this years club or run with two kids, how do I exercise Christian grace when I'm mad as hell at this guy been awake all night alternating between praying and raging . Don't know what to do


  1. Is there another holiday club in your presbytery, maybe even running 'On your Marks'? If so, why not take the 2 children to it and even see if the helpers and materials can be used. I know it would mean arranging transport, but it would show the children the church is much bigger than where they are. It would be better than having more leaders than children (and the children may not come if there's so few).

    Other suggestion is see if the 2 children could join with the sports thing in some way. The 'On your Marks' has a sort of sports theme, so there may be an opportunity to overlap for some activities?

    Try not to cancel. I know it shouldn't (and isn't) a substitute child minding service, but the parent of those 2 children may really need this break. Besides, where 2 or 3 are gathered in Christ's name, he's there :-)

    1. Hey thanks for encouraging words I picked up before I left! I rememberd from your comment about 2 or 3, the story of the star fish the guy was cucking back in the sea and when his friend said why bother there's so manonly can't make a difference and as he picked one off the sand and threw it back he said well it made a difference to that one! So I went out renewed in faith knowing this was all part of Gods plan so we arranged that sas the kids were registered into the sport, we d registr them to the holiday club too getting consent forms etc signed but he parents in case weather was so bad they'd need to come in. Well it poured, it chucked it down! So we all joined up! We'd an expert for the games, we'd our crafts and teaching and the sun came out as we finished at 12!! Wasn't that a coincidence, so thanks for your encouraging words at just the right time!