Thursday, 9 August 2012

Probationers conference

Big sweat over dates of the two conferences I've to attend, one at the end of September ( no problem) one in March eek youngest child gets married in March date of conference the weekend before the wedding! Response from Edinburgh " just think of the stress we've saved you from that weekend! O well that's one way of looking at it. I was slightly surprised to see the uptake on Sacramental
Theology has meant an extra lot of classes to be run in semester two, which I've been assigned to. Given that I'm caring for my Old Octogenarian the timing of that couldn't have been better, sometimes God gets on our case even before we ask.

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  1. The lack of stress being at a conference. Certainly a different way of looking at it!

    Not bad for some, going straight to probation. Wish it could be as easy as that for all of us (she says with tongue firmly in cheek!!!).

    Yes, it is amazing how God works things out even before we ask. Me coming to Highland Cathedral was a case in point. Long story, but a great opportunity fell my way without me even have to ask for it.