Friday, 27 July 2012

Spa spoiling

Away with the youngest child for a few days, booked at hotel, arrived had been upgraded to a suite and the oldest child had had wine ent to our room and booked s spa treatments for our birthdays which are both this week, feel totally blessed, but, throw into the mix my old Octogenarian is ill and I'm not there, feel torn in two, he needs me but can't let my daughter down. Praying for a healing for my old man till I can get back to him:((


  1. The break away might be just what you need to help your octogenarian friend. If you're too tried, you'll be no help to anyone. Enjoy the break.

    You and your friend are in my prayers.

  2. You were totally right, had a super weekend with my daughter, came home totally chilled, relaxed and refreshed and resigned really to the worst. On the way to the old mans I passed a man I'd last seen in hospital hardly able to walk from his bed to the door after a heart attack. He'd just been told his only hope was a transplant but he was too old. He was in a bad way and so I offered top ray for him then left. Now here he was walking merrily along the road. I was quite dismayed when I saw my oldster, he was in pain, hadn't eaten for 3 days was being sick and was very unsettled, that night remembering the guy I'd seen on the way down, I prayed for frredom from pain and peace for my old guy. He slept all night and woke up feeing so much better free of pain and has been eating agin. It was almost as if God was reminding me He's in charge by bringing that man across my path, and I needed to exercise that faith I preach about so often! Still haven't told the oldster I prayed over Him while he was sleeping but I told my daughter, and she's giving God the credit. Thanks for your prayers, I know the next few weeks/ months aren't going to be easy, but I fe el a new sense of peace about it.