Friday, 24 August 2012


Have spent a lot of time reflecting on last weeks service, which was a celebration of our holiday club. The passage already set was Paul's letters to Timothy and I looked at Paul's mentoring of the young Timothy encouraging the congregation to be Paul's to young Christians and commending the ones ho already were I was relieved the circuits guy who ran the kids sports against us wasn't here thatday ( guilty conscience? Maybe) but the passage had been set by SU material. I'd had a bad / terrible week with my old man. I felt the pits but therein the. Middle of the service I felt Gods presence and assurance and power. I just felt so enabled by Him and can honestly say I was standing there by His grace. At the door the feed back was extremely encouraging and over the week people ave spoke to me about how affected they were. My minister always says in our weakness He is strong. It's been a good week for my old man a very good week hopefully in a wee period of stability which would be great for him( and me!) off to Glasgow today wedding dress/ bridesmaid dresses I hear the rattle of copious amounts of cash leaving my account! Then cocktails to recover:)

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