Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Time out

Had a great weekend, apart from anything no else met up with Mr &Mrs Gerbil which was just lovely! Apart from the usual funerals ( I had one on Monday that lasted an hour and twenty minutes! With five eulogies and musical tributes!!) undertaker was worried grave diggers may have gone home and we 'd have to fill in. By the end I was losing the will to live  apart from anything it was the second I'd conducted that day. Must admit I've been haunted by a most beautiful piece of music that was played called the Ashokan Farewell ( google it , I don't know how to upload on here!! That night I sat in on the session meeting at the church where I'm locum. The interim moderator asked during the meeting had anyone anything to say about the locum!  To say I was embarrassed and overwhelmed by the depth of their appreciation, affection and genuine desire to keep me as long as possible would be an understatement, the treasurer also pointed out a huge increase in offerings since I'd arrived indicating an increase in church attendance! All I can say is its all Gods doing! I'm now up to atwo day locum appointment! Apparently I also exhibited an untapped talent for singing on Sunday having chose all my days (ch4) and having a decent choir who practice on a Friday I thought everything was grand.  They all moaned about it ( In a good hearted way ) solution I sing into the mike! Anyhow upshot is they know want to form a concert party with me on lead vocals! Help! First communion service is this Sunday
I can't believe I'm going to conduct my first communion. I'm very aware of the privilege and nervous and excited too. The youngest child is coming too as we're off on a spa break straight afterwards!  Enjoying a cheeky wee night at beautiful seaside town. Full of cocktails great food and with my favourite daughter. Feeling blessed and thankful to God :) it's been a long haul and now without set backs and challenges but throughout God has been there!

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