Saturday, 12 October 2013

Big move

The highlight of this week was the moving back home of my daughter and son in law! This happened on Wednesday night when I thankfully was speaking and re dedicating a guild!  Generally the youngest child and I get on really well so my major worry is that the stress of living back home with ma and pa again will cause friction between us, already I see it. I love her dearly but she seems to have morphed into my shadow and much as I love her I like a bit of space too. I LIKE sitting in my bedroom at night listening to the radio tweaking my sermon/ assemblies , whatever... I LIKE a bit of space for reflection etc. and if I want to go out visiting I don't need my daughter telling me I've done too many hours this week. Exactly this time last year, to the very hour it was my old guys funeral. I find myself at some point every day thinking about him, and I still miss his gentle calming influence and ever ready encouragement.  He was probably the only person the youngest child would ever listen to, and he'd tell her I don't need a mother any more !!
Reading through our local newspaper I was had a chuckle at how inventive the undertaker must've been to thank the Rev ( I still get a kick seeing that and a joy beyond belief) to make all the notices so different, quiet week this last week only 2! So I've a wedding couple coming today and then a wedding later this afternoon. The youngest child has gone on a hen weekend.
On a lighter note I made a trip to the local tip with stuff from her room she was getting rid of (including some very saucy items she'd been given at her hen do!) as I pulled the plastic sack from the car ( helped by some random knight in shining armour!) the bag split!!  We both looked at the contents me in horror ( I wanted to die)  and if course what was the first thing I said " it's not mine" aagggghhhh.

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