Sunday, 6 October 2013

A year on

Well I did it. A whole year has passed since my old friend died. A year in which
I plumbed the depths of sorrow and soared to the dizzy heights of unimaginable joy. I wish he could have shared that with me, the weddings the ordination. The completion of the journey he kept me company on, but I know he'd be so proud.  When you lose someone you love it leaves a huge gap in your life but a year on I still find myself thinking of how he'd react what he might say, and so I can empathise totally with bereaved families , I've been there! These past two weeks have been manic both weeks I had believe it or not four funerals and a wedding!  I also attended the " flourishing ministries" conference on Wednesday and Thursday and actually paid a tenner yes ten pounds for one glass (ordinary size) of winE!!!!! Next time I take my own. It was depressing stuff by 2020 there'll be less than half the ministers needed to fill posts. And generally morale seemed low ( hence the need for wine!) at the first wedding I conducted  a week past on Saturday I got one of the nicest compliments I've ever had. A guest said to me " you really enjoyed that didn't you! I just looked at you and thought she's really enjoying this, and you made it so comfortable for everyone. It's so special the feeling that you're where God wants you to be  even though everything else is falling apart ( we're about to have youngest child and her husband moving in temporarily but apparently it's very trendy, they're called boomerang children. Gods got my back .? I know that for sure ! 

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