Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hill walking

It's been a hectic couple of weeks nine funerals and two weddings as well as a drama production and the youngest daughter and her husband moving back home with us fir a while. Sunday afternoon has traditionally become adventure day for the pungent child her big brother and I. Recently our adventures have been climbing one of the many beautiful hills in our area. We're not fair weather walkers and are undaunted by a few spots of scotch mist. But leaving church on Sunday on just such a drizzly dreich dank day, I was tired I wanted to go home get changed have lunch and snuggle in with a good book. I got home and there they were sitting ready booted, rucksacks packed with the picknick raring to go. Of course I fell in like the great mummy I am got changed and threw myself into the plan. Except I fell asleep in the car almost before we left the village. Half way between home and our destination I suddenly became aware of breaks being applied heavily, of screams filtering through my consciousness, screams of my two children in the front seats. I cautiously opened one eye. Youngest child was pointing her phone in video mode at me saying to her brother, I think she's dead, she hasn't moved! Kids ehh. I was utterly exhausted I just wanted to sleep. We climbed the hill. By the time we got to the top we could barely see each other, it was so foggy and misty. By now I wasn't tired and lethargic any longer. I was actually refreshed and renewed even with no view as a reward. In our spiritual lives, Sometimes God takes us out of our comfort zones to give us a new refreshing experience of him too, the journey can drain us a bit and we need to climb a few hills to see the bigger picture and  get out of the valley.  So thanks kids for a great day out as usual and thank you Lord for a salutary lesson!

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