Monday, 8 July 2013

Two sleeps

Very busy week last week culminating in swapping pulpits with my interim moderator because here was a baptism where I'm locum. He must have the most scenic picturesque parish on Scotland especially yesterday, driving along the coast with the sun out . The congregations were lovely ( though no one told me there was a radio mike at the first church and the  woman on Bilble carrying in duty ws less than welcoming. After second service the interim modertor turned up on his way home to see how the innovative cup of tea tht was threatening to divide thechurch! (Don't ask)! And he told me they ant me as their minister where I'm locum ing which is very affirming for me though sadly not possible! Discovered after service there were at least three other ministers in the. Ongregation and a couple of them shred they  felt the message was very relevant to their situations at the minute which I was reall encourage by, so two sleeps I feel quite calm at the moment but my ma arrives on Wednesday ...... .. Not good ........

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