Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I am a woman!

Today I embarked on some Parish visitation at request of elder ( wearing my clerical collar as I was visiting elderly house bounds) at the first visit I was greeted by very elderly lady with zimmer who exclaimed on opening the door to me, ( my god yer a wumman!)in other words goodness gracious me you are a female ( for the benefit of the non Scots ) she invited me in, talked non stop, stated in no uncertain terms that she didn't hold with women ministers ( or doctors) refused my offer of a prayer, thanked me for coming told me to come agin as she enjoyed the chat! I crossed the road feeling somewhat bamboozled to visit another elderly lady, and the experience couldn't have been more different. Her daughter who happened to be there opened the door and exclaimed " oh she will be so pleased to see you" and she was. We had a blether and a prayer, and I promised to call again!


  1. "Yer a wummin!"

    What a way to find out. The lady could have broken the news to you a bit more gently. I hope you don't find this revelation too upsetting...

    While I have met some alarmingly sexist men, I have been surprised how many women have the opinion, especially those with a Catholic background, that ministers, from any denomination should be men. This is without setting foot in the parts of the country where traditional attitudes are entrenched. I hope this is something you will find the exception as you meet your flock.

  2. I'm still sitting here banging my head off the desk until double vision sets in, at the surprising attitude though!