Tuesday, 9 July 2013

On the brink

I've felt strangely detached and a bit emotional today, as I stand on the brink of ordination. Conscious of the responsibility of God's  call on my life and that even though I'll still be the same person tomorrow night. I will be different and always looked upon as different, called and set apart to stand in the place of Christ. Will I feel different I wonder. This has been a long day, and I've reflected quite a bit on the path that led here. The ups and downs, those who shared so much of my journey and who are no longer here. It's been strange too receiving letters and cards addressed to "Rev" cos now there are two of us! The one constant and faithful companion who has been before me behind me, above me, below me and beside, still upholds encourages, strengthens and empowers me. Thank you Lord.


  1. Enjoy yourself.

    Tomorrow is a big step, but it's another step on the path that God has laid before you. I hope you continue to find new challenges, new adventures and that wherever He takes you, you are continually inspired.

    P.S. By the time Thursday arrives, your "About Me" on your blog will be very out of date! ;-)

  2. Thanks spot. Just
    Tlooked at "about me" ! Really out of date

  3. Amazing day shared with new friends and old! Can't believe how I feel ! Need to up date "about me"!