Saturday, 16 March 2013

The cake!

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  1. The top of this magnificent chocolate creation now is in the bottom of our freezer ( just within reach of a certain puppy who can now open the tumble dryer!) it awaits the return of the honeymooners. I'm now turning my thoughts to second sacramental theology essay! Church law e mailed off tonight, it seems like an ever ending round of reading and writing. Mrs G I take my hat off to you 10000 words! This week I've also been mulling over notes from probationers conference and remembering how awe struck I was at times by he privilege of what, God willing, we are being entrusted with. Life has been pretty hectic and everyone keeps telling me there will be a post wedding slump ut so ar so good! Tomorrow I'm preaching at my placement and I've been told by my supervisor I've to preach lovely from the text ( no personal illustrations) totally different from my usual style but I think I'm on it! Meantime that cake is allying my name!