Monday, 15 April 2013


Having a time of  reflection recently. Coming to the end of my probationary placement at which I've learned so much and enjoyed more than I ever imagined. The church has asked that when they become vacant at the ministers retrial that I'm placed there as locum!  The next thing on my agenda is. Atrip to Hungary with presbytery to give a presentation on the role of OLM! That's next month so though I HATE flying I am excited about that, then straight home to younger sons wedding! In two weeks I have my final appraisal so hopefully all will be well and I'll proceed to ordination. As I look back at the last six months I can see how I have grown in my role and been encouraged and superbly mentored.  Yes I was initially not sure about the move but yet again God knows better than us and I've been so blessed. I've also worked hard and been encouraged by the fact that I can still study, that has been a challenge but I've enjoyed it ( not sure that's the right word) so much I'm planning on doing another module in the autumn! I'm also looking forward to picking up my amateur drama again, though I went to a rehearsal of the current production last night and came away missing my Oldster so much. He was very much a lynch pin of the group.  A revelation in the grieving process is that now all the urgency of placement study wedding is past I find I'm missing him with a poignancy I hadn't expected. He's to there to see the completion of all the work and the planning miss him more than ever:(

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