Thursday, 7 March 2013

The night before

Can't believe my youngest child gets married tomorrow. I've had a really special week with
Her. It's strange to think that tomorrow her dad is going to marry her!  Wedding rehearsal last night seemed rather fraught I must say. I hope he doesn't shout at all his brides like that!  Reflecting
on last weeks conference and church law and weddings it was interesting to hear some of the things couples expect. There is o much I still have o o back over but given that I've an essay deadline
of Monday and trying to keep this week as clear as possible it's been a challenge fitting everything in
Thing in.. It's like Christmas Eve here full of anticipation. So hair and make up arrive at 9 ish
Then the ceremony is at 2 .30. What are the odds that I'll cry?

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  1. With every blessing to all of you for a happy marriage an an exceptionally happy day.