Saturday, 2 March 2013


On last day of probationers conference, its been a very full prograame with not much sleep due to being in a hotel built on a roundabout surrounded by nightclubs so plenty of time in the middle of the night for reflection!  The seminars ave been super so far with brilliant speakers. Though the one tht stood out for me was the one on ordination and its implications for us. To have that spelled out and illustrated in such a gentle and spiritual way was both thought proving and very humbling and moving.
A whole day of church law yesterday from 9 - 5 could have been a drag but which found 42 of us taking part in a role play as a kirk session of a newly vacant chrge meeting our new presbytery advisory ommmittee and interim moderator for the I first  time, everyone  embraced their given characters with enthusiasm and wht followed wa a scarily familiar scene tht could have been straight from any vacancy meeting. The thing that made it so funny was ... It could have been real. But it brought home the point being made that we need to approach these tasks fully prepared wont be forgotten , I don't think, by any of us! One more session then home to the bride o . I'm getting excited!

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