Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mid term review

I was really pleased with my mid term review report, and the fact that I'm enjoying my placement so well was apparent. Less thn two weeks till my ( hopefully) final probationers conference which I'm really looking forward to, the last one was overshadowed by thoughts of my Old Man and worry tht he'd die while I was away. This one will be a distraction from last minute wedding jitters! This last week has been manic, there seems to be a spate of deaths at the minute, fitting in visiting the families whom we know well, getting essays finished, submitted, starting the next, reading so much about sacramental theology my brain feels numb sometimes, I yearn for a minute to read something that's not to do with my course! But in one of those moments of total clarity I felt a deep sense of Gods peace and affirmation of my call today. Just as if He knew I was weary and tired after a long week. I'm away from my placement for the next three Sundays with a pulpit supply next week, then probationers conference then wedding, though I'll keep up with my weekday commitments, to be honest I don't think I could do all this and be in full time employment so I'm very thankful for the fact that I have these months to concentrate on my training. Not much time for blogging ut I'm thinking once the wedding is past, things might feel a bt flat.  Had to laugh at  words of advice re daughters hen night in town next week " have a good time but remember how close to ome you are". Now I've no idea what he's expecting will happen!!

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