Friday, 22 February 2013

Essay Stress

Living eating breathing Luther Calvin and Zwingli and the more I read the more confused I become. The actual essay deadline is March 11 th but since my daughter gets married on the 8th two weeks today!! I'd really like to have cracked it by next Friday before I head off on my probationers conference for the weekend. Everything is remarkably calm on the wedding front even though the photographer phoned on Monday night to say he'd been knocked off his motor bike ( on its maiden run) and was in hospital ( broken femur) and likely to be so for at least a week,  good thing his daughter is a photographer too so no stress there! And I'm relieved he didn't come off any worse. I experienced one of those moments of total calm yesterday as we looked at our ecumenical Lent Bible study, led y the parish priest, that sometimes God just seems to send when you most need it. We were looking at the betrayal of Jesus in Johns Gospel which highlighted the total calm of the events. There was no sense of panic or stress as portrayed by the other Gospel writers. Something the majority of the group hadn't really noticed before. It's worth a look. So, next week essay, essay, essay!  Feedback for first ( ungraded ) essay was " covered salient points but needs to be more prosaic!) any ideas what that means in relation to essays?

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