Friday, 24 August 2012


Have spent a lot of time reflecting on last weeks service, which was a celebration of our holiday club. The passage already set was Paul's letters to Timothy and I looked at Paul's mentoring of the young Timothy encouraging the congregation to be Paul's to young Christians and commending the ones ho already were I was relieved the circuits guy who ran the kids sports against us wasn't here thatday ( guilty conscience? Maybe) but the passage had been set by SU material. I'd had a bad / terrible week with my old man. I felt the pits but therein the. Middle of the service I felt Gods presence and assurance and power. I just felt so enabled by Him and can honestly say I was standing there by His grace. At the door the feed back was extremely encouraging and over the week people ave spoke to me about how affected they were. My minister always says in our weakness He is strong. It's been a good week for my old man a very good week hopefully in a wee period of stability which would be great for him( and me!) off to Glasgow today wedding dress/ bridesmaid dresses I hear the rattle of copious amounts of cash leaving my account! Then cocktails to recover:)

Monday, 13 August 2012


Major dilemma every year for past nine or so years we've run a very successful holiday club in local primary always at this time.  At start Of summer I asked guy who does our circuit class and come to church I'f he'd help this year. He said he couldn't as he was running a festival of sport 2 weeks our town two weeks another town and final two weeks one where else not to worry tho he wouldn't be clashing with us the upshot is it didn't take off anywhere else so he's doing this week in our town in THE SAME location and only let me knowon Sunday night and of course all the kids who'd normally come to holiday club are at the sports. We had two kids yesterday as opposed to  usual 35 I've got ten helpers we've bought all the SU material on your marks we've had planing meetings etc. dilemma do I cancel this years club or run with two kids, how do I exercise Christian grace when I'm mad as hell at this guy been awake all night alternating between praying and raging . Don't know what to do

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Home communion

Had the undeniable privilege of sharing home communion with my Oldster yesterday. The Rev came in and conducted, for all three of us, a most moving special poignant communion service, there was a real sense of " communion" and of the presence of Christ within the room, it gave me a glimpse of real privilege of Ministering the Sacrament of Holy Communion, it also bound us , three friends at different stages of life and acing death, as one in Christ.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Quiet Space

At a chaplaincy team meeting this week along with the rector and depute rector we addressed the fact that we're not engaging with the kids at the assemblies and discussed various
Different approaches to introducing today's teens to spirituality I vaguely remembered from a readers co Berenice hearing about a school chaplain who'd set up a quiet space within the school with different sensory areas, I pods pebbles for writing on etc, that was the gist of it and it worked a treat, so guess who was appointed to get similar p and running, problem is I can only recall the basics, any bloggers out there know what I'm talking about and can you give me any advice, please.

Probationers conference

Big sweat over dates of the two conferences I've to attend, one at the end of September ( no problem) one in March eek youngest child gets married in March date of conference the weekend before the wedding! Response from Edinburgh " just think of the stress we've saved you from that weekend! O well that's one way of looking at it. I was slightly surprised to see the uptake on Sacramental
Theology has meant an extra lot of classes to be run in semester two, which I've been assigned to. Given that I'm caring for my Old Octogenarian the timing of that couldn't have been better, sometimes God gets on our case even before we ask.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Feeling better about the Old Man, and amazing thing happened, on the way back to take over
Looking after him again, I saw a man walking along the road, nothing unusual there but last time I'd seen him had been in hospital, unable to walk to the door of the ward after a heart attack. Previous surgery had made further surgery imposssible and he said his only hope was a transplant and he was too old. Before I left I said a short prayer with him here he was now out and about. When I saw the old man I was shocked, he was so I'll. He was in pain and dehydrated hadn't eaten the whole time I'd been away, he was pretty sick. Later I remembered my journey in, almost as if God nudged me, so while he was sleeping I prayed for peace and freedom from pain. He slept all that night and by the time the Doctor came in he decided he wasn't admitting him to hospital. Not only that but as I prayed I'd a tremendous sense of Gods presence and peace in the room. Sometime I forget just how much power we have when we trust God.