Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Probationers Conference

Going off to Gartmore on Friday. Big wrench leaving my Oldster behind when I've been with him constantly for what seems like months and just waiting ESP since the syringe driver was fitted a month ago, I just pray that nothing happens while I'm away, I'd be gutted! On a practical leve, I've never been to Gartmore is it cold, does it have a kettle in the room. Hope my brain receptors get in gear because it looks like a very full programme. I am looking forward to it just hope I can be positive and focussed, and Gods never let me down yet!


  1. Can't remember if it's got a kettle in the room, but I do remember there were tea bags and biscuits and there would be no point if there were no kettle!!!

    It's roasting at Gartmore, so cold won't eb a problem (though I am known as a warm person, so my opinion maybe isn't the best on this front!).

    And Spot said the walk to the pub in Gartmore Village isn't too bad (it was closed when I was there), but take midgie replant for the walk...

  2. Im acclimatised to having heating on full blast for my Old Man so it should be ok for me. I thought it was the middle of no where a wander to the pub be nice way to unwind after hours of church law! Will pack jungle juice, thanks for that ( maybe too cold for midges now or they'll all have been washed away!