Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Another week

And so to another week, must admit I found Sundays service hard going but the feedback was very positive. I had the day away from my Old Man but as usual had separation anxiety nevertheless had a lovely time with the middle child all on our own. I wonder at my Oldsters determination of spirit and the strength that keeps him going, he reposes mostly in the arms of Morpheus but still moments of clarity and the sense of humour is ever intact. I wonder what God is teaching me through this. One thing that has amazed me is I'm a " doing person" I hate inactivity so the fact that I can sit and not " do" anything is I'm sure by Gods grace. Only ten days till the probationers conference and I am so worried about leaving him ( if he is still here) though Marie Curie ( family etc) are all in place the thing is I want to be with him when the time comes, I know it will happen in Gods timing but as I look at him for his sake I wish it was over.

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