Saturday, 22 September 2012

Moving moment

The youngest child was with me today keeping the Oldster and I company. I'd been doing something and came through to find her moisturising his hands with hand cream. She is so patient with him and so caring towards him it was quite a moving moment. A bit later I heard them both singing scales well the oldster was the child is completely tone deaf  ( she says in her head she sounds like Adele!). It was a relief to me as he'd said yesterday he didn't feel part of the world ( think its the drugs) then a wee while later they each got binoculars to see if they could identify which newspaper the neighbour across the road was reading!! He still has his humour and is as quick as ever. It was almost like Godwas assuring me that there is still quality of life there, it was good to see his interest perked even for a short time between the long sleeps. Only 6 sleeps till probationers conference and there 's a huge document on The Sacraments to be read I can't say I haven't got time but due to sleep deprivation don't know if I'll manage not to fall asleep while reading it!!

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