Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dignity and Independence

No Marie Curie nurse last night or tonight but all went ok, till 4 am when my old man decided someone had just come in to the house. He almost had me convinced. I was so sure at some points he was almost gone last night, I just sat praying he would let go. This morning he was in great form and. As I offered to help him with a drink said loudly in front of the district nurse "dignity and independence!" we had to laugh, it's a privilege to be able to spend this special time with him as he makes his journey home. It's also prompted me in future to be more aware of the isolation and loneliness of carers and that's something I'll take from this and hopefully remember in the future


  1. Noticing that it is a while since you blogged. and knowing from this that you are in the midst of a precious time of sharing God's presence with someone who is important to you. I hope that when you take time away from the situation that you are being reminded of God's presence in other ways. Thinking of you.

    1. It's a pretty full time committment at the minute but I'm conscious of Gods presence in a way I've never been before. I know God is keeping me surrounded and sending some wonderful people my way in one Marie Curie nurse especially a lovely caring catholic lady who just knows when you need a hug or a cup of tea or just a chat. I'm sure when I reflect on this in the future I'll see how blessed I've been to have been part of this special time? I'm also encouraged by the prayers and thoughts of friends a people like you unknown by sight or name but part of the sainthood. thank you.