Sunday, 10 June 2012


Feel I'm in a funny hiatus at the minute between having been accepted to transfer to oLM and starting the further training. Have investigated Aberdeen and Glasgow for Sacramental Theology course.
Aberdeen is distance learning and video conferencing. Glasgow you have to be there on a Tuesday night. I'm a hundred miles from Glasgow but thinking I'd rather go there and have a real live lecturers and real live students to interact with, only problem is travelling through the winter months. Busy couple of months on the horizon before this kicks off. My attachment minister is going away for three weeks, he'll come back then Lucy the dogs dad goes away for three weeks, he comes back and neighbouring minister goes away for two weeks i do the cover for all of them. whew! Having said that attached minister NEVER takes his full time off so deserves a good long break. In the middle of this I've got children's summer mission for a week and my interview with Ministries council in July and next week my first assessment as Final Preaching Assessor. Help! O well as Douglas says. He doesn't call the equipped He equips the called.


  1. I did the Early Church unit via Aberdeen last year. It takes the format of an audio only conference call. Unless you have an exceptionally fast broadband connection then video calling may be irritating. Try a Skype video call to see how well video runs.

    If you are doing the Aberdeen route, get a speaker phone so you can have a computer open and your book spread out without having to hold the phone.

  2. Though I loved my time at Glasgow uni, I'd advise going down the Aberdeen route. Down side to that is interaction with 'real' people and getting library books, but the advantages are travel time, getting parked, as Glasgow uni isn't the best place to get parked near, even in the evening. As you said, there's the winter months and once you've have a couple of hours tutorial driving will be hard, as you'll be tired. And on the phone you can get cups of tea brought to you and sit in your jammies if you want!

    Good luck whichever route you follow.

  3. Thanks Guys Good avice and I'm not a night person nor am I an enthusiastic night driver, must say the thought of jammies in a cosy room in October/November sounds better proposition, think we have speaker phone though VERY slow Internet!