Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Flood

After the rain last weekend, the youngest child and I went for one of our power walks round one of our usual routes, the sun was shining it was a lovely summer evening and we were having a lovely walk, till we came to " the flood" right across the road. We had two options, turn back and walk the five miles we'd already come or go through it, I was wearing my new Converse Hightops there was no way I was wading with those on and the idea of turning back wasn't appealing to to the child so we negotiated and she gave me a piggyback! The irony wasn't lost on me it was a case of role reversal I used to do that with her! The situation wasn't without a laugh? My first attempt to getonher back brought her down bum first into the water fortunately I was too busy laughing to get the moment on film:( But life is like that isn't it. Sometimes we are there to carry others ut sometimes we need to admit we need a hand. God didn't intend us to live in isolation He meant us to be there for one another. And it's gt to work both ways. it takes a strong man/ woman to accept a helping hand sometime.

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