Friday, 22 June 2012


At the conference we were asked how we'd deal with conflict situations or if we'd been in any and how we'd dealt with any we'd been in. My thoughts were on someone I've come close to conflict with before. And last night she let me have it with both barrels. I organise our holiday club each year. It runs for a week in the summer we have games etc and use SU material. This particular person organises games. She's good at it the kids listen to her, she complained last year shed been doing too much so this year I thought I'd free her up to do JUST the games, she erupted, she CAN'T do the games what it really boils down to is she doesn't want to the irony is this years theme is how we are all in Gods team and can work together in a team! I was totally taken by surprise at the aggression in her and the fact it was aimed at me. So I clarified the situation ie ( she doesn't WANT to do the games) which leaves us with a problem. So do I now let her do what she WANTS to do or do I suggest she takes a year off ( she's citing her health as the reason) I want to be gracious but I don't want to be a door mat.

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