Friday, 6 September 2013

Post Holiday

So I've not posted for ages and so much has happened. Holiday to Tunisia was spectacular though I was seriously concerned I might come home with a collection of camels for my beautiful daughter. It was a strange experience lying by the pool in temperatures in the high thirties wearing bikinis, side by side with women in full Burka going in the pool a dichotomy indeed! Also strange when other holiday makers asked as you do " what do you do" and seeing the reaction when the response is I'm a minister! We spent a night in the desert taking in a Bedouin camp and visiting the Berber caves driving to the Sahara on our air conditioned bus looking out at shanty town settlements was disturbing. Tough we did visit the set of  the original Star Wars film, unfortunately in the middle of an unbelievable sandstorm through which you could see nothing. The strange thing is we took loads of photos and they are completely clear!!  Came home feeling great, refreshed and........... Got shingles!!!! How did that happen. Anyhow back in harness sermon done Friday night glass of wine!

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  1. Sounds cool. The Star Wars' set is being taken over by the sand dunes - but is not relevant to me, as I've never seen Star Wars (now see it as a badge of honour).

    As for shingles - you can't catch it, but it will come up if you're run down. With your year, there's no wonder. Take care and hopefully you'll recover soon.